Born in a lab. Created by a young eager Scientist, Dr. Laura Fennik and her small team of bio tech think tank, Tudor Fennik became self aware 7 seconds after being "birthed" from the surrogate androids bio-tech womb. Two DJI (Dah Gee) officers in attendance for the grand event. Tudor was created as the 5th prototype of his kind....A bio-tech warrior. Given inhanced abilities from Phasing Nano Bots who grow and learn as he does a symbiotic relationship between bio and tech. Suspended in a tank of bio electric gel until his nanos learn to harvest their own energy, eventually becoming singularity engines. Running on their own.

" Subject 5 has reached full absorption for the day. Levels green across the board Dr. Fennik"...."God I hate the way he looks at you. like he's sizing you up. Seein' what makes you tick.

"That is actually a good analysis. He is..... Now lets run through his training program. I want him starting first thing in the morning. Make sure all inputs are 100%. No mistakes this time. I....I don't want to loose another one."

Enter 367 years later.....

Hi there. Tudor Fennik is my very first attempt at doing a graphic character let alone what it has become. I was playing around one day in Photoshop with an image of me in my red and black outfit I wore for my cousins wedding. I was thinking about Blade Runner and listening to some Deadmau5, also had just watched Buckaroo Banzi earlier in the week. So The image came to be and I threw in a background , an airship and gave him a katana and I just posted on it FB as is. People liked it and said some cool things which prompted me to do a second picture of the not-yet-named character. This time in a scene as a sort of assassin or vigilante good guy. I just knew that I wanted him to look kinda "Bad Ass."  So I posted that too and friends really responded well. One in particular though.....

I'm checking my FB comments and on both images a latecomer friend loved the character and said, "You should do a graphic novel with him." I thought it was cool that he liked it so much that he thought that, but I dismissed the idea cause I had never done anything of the sort so.......Fast forward to about 3 weeks later. It was a Sunday afternoon and not much going on. I was trying to stir up some ideas for doing some graphic works but coming up blank. I started to think about what my friend said and thought to myself why not give it a shot. I was outside at the time so I headed back in, went up to my computer and Tudor Fennik was born. I even came up with the name on the same day looking at Celtic and Old World names. 

I made a 4 panel page and just started creating with a story brewing in my head while I did  the artwork. I posted it and quite a few of my friends really went gaga over it.

That was the big kick off I needed to really get involved with developing this more. Now like I said this is my first attempt and sometimes the story line is made up on the spot. I'm sure there is a better way to go at this. For the moment though, I'm just letting it be organic. Kinda shooting from the hip in going about creating even the next utterance. So when this first story ends, I don't know if I'm gonna keep to this formula or try and refine this craft I have stumbled upon.  We'll see. Thanks for taking the time to read this and checking out Mr. Fennik. Especially Thank You to all my awesome family, friends, current/future characters and fans who have given their support, encouragement, praise ,kick ass comments and some ass kicking comments. You're all part of this journey.  Later Days 5/19/17